MB78EI Fire Rated Windows and Doors

MB78EIThe MB78EI system is used to construct fixed light fire rated windows and screens that can be manufactured in a number of frame options to suit your particular design. The maximum dimensions for a single frame are 6m wide and 4m high and there are a number of coupling options so that long runs of frames can be designed. Frames can be configured to suit 30, 60 or 90 minutes integrity and insulation and can achieve a U value as low as 1.6 W/m2K and an acoustic reduction value (Rw) of 41 dB

All frames can be glazed with glass units or insulated panels up to a thickness of 49mm. We are able to offer tinted and obscured glass options and we can incorporate coated glass products within double glazed units to achieve a large range of specific values which may be required for thermal insulation, light transmittance or solar gain requirements.

High specification single or double leaf doors can be incorporated within the MB78EI system up to a maximum leaf size of 1400mm for single doors and 2500mm for double doors. The maximum door leaf height is 2500mm.

All doors are fitted with the Geze TS4000 overhead closer and Wala WX 3 way adjustable hinges, our standard locking arrangement comprises a single point dead latch with DDA approved lever handles which can be upgraded to include a multipoint lock and electric strike options.

We are also able to provide a single point or multipoint fire escape lock using either a lever handle or panic bar. Escape locking is very versatile and can be provided with a number of external access options.
Our fire rated door system can be supplied with a low threshold suitable for disabled access. For internal doors we can configure frames so that the door sits directly above your floor finish without the need for any type of threshold, this is particularly popular for internal partitions to offices or other public buildings.

In addition to manual swing doors we are can also offer an automatic sliding door system which will achieve a fire rating of 30 minutes integrity and insulation. Please enquire for further details on our MB-78EI DPA Fire Proof Sliding Door.

MB118EI Fire Rated Glazed Screens

The MB118EI system will achieve fire rated values of up to 120 minutes integrity and insulation. Configurations and size limitations are generally as the MB78EI system with a maximum glass or panel thickness of 84mm. The MB78EI door can be incorporated within this system however will only achieve a maximum fire rating of 90 minutes EI. An option for glass to glass joints is possible with this product which eliminates the requirement for unsightly mullions in internal office or display screens.