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Can Glass Doors Be Fire Rated?- Fire Rated French Doors

Unlocking Safety and Style: The Significance of Fire Rated Glass Doors

In the realm of commercial building design, prioritizing fire safety is paramount, and the use of fire rated glass doors plays a pivotal role in achieving this goal. These doors contribute to compartmentalization strategies, effectively impeding the spread of fire within a building. Not only do they facilitate traffic flow between compartments, but in emergency scenarios, they can serve as a means of escape, providing crucial passive fire protection.

Ensuring Effective Compartmentalization

The essence of good design lies in its ability to prevent the spread of fire and smoke within predetermined time limits without hindering the movement of people and goods. Hence, each fire door must act as a robust barrier against fire and smoke based on its specific location and the potential fire hazard it may face.

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(Fire rated glass door with silicone jointed sidelight)

The Elegance of Fire Rated French Doors

Fire rated glass doors emerge as an excellent safety measure, blending a modern and elegant appearance with the necessary fire protection levels. In comparison to steel and timber counterparts, these glass doors effectively control heat transfer, promote natural light diffusion, and contribute to a healthier working environment. The result is enhanced user well-being and reduced energy costs.

Corridor Separation and Tenable Zones

Within a building, fire rated glazed doors and screens often find their place in corridor separation, maintaining tenable zones and safeguarding circulation areas and means of escape.

former gorey castle hotel

(Project: Former Gorey Castle Hotel)

Understanding Fire Ratings

Fire rated glass doors undergo rigorous fire tests, leading to classifications based on the time they endure before failure. Two common classifications are:

Class E Fire Rated Glass Doors

These doors offer integrity-only performance, containing flames and smoke for a specified duration without preventing the transmission of radiant heat.

Class EI Fire Rated Glass Doors

In addition to integrity protection, EI fire rated glass doors provide insulation, protecting individuals from heat radiation. This classification facilitates smoother building evacuation during fire incidents.

We offer E or EI performance for 30 to 60 minutes and even extend options for up to 2 hours of fire rating.

Tailoring Solutions for Varied Needs

Depending on building use and occupants, fire rated glass doors may need to offer panic access in line with BS EN 1125 and BS EN 179. Additionally, these doors can be equipped with access control and automation hardware, with options available to enhance security performance.

OWS Fire Rated: Your Trusted Partner

Specifying fire rated glass may seem intricate, but with OWS Fire Rated, complexity turns into confidence. As a leading supplier of fire rated glass doors in the UK, our expert team takes pride in delivering compliant solutions. Collaborate with us on your next project, and let us provide you with doors that not only meet but exceed your fire safety performance requirements.

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