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When is a window not a window? When it´s designed to protect lives!

Glazing plays a pivotal role in the well-being of a buildings’ occupants, providing natural light and ventilation, conserving heat and providing security. When this vital element has to provide fire resistance, it is designed to save lives and protect property.

Small variations in the manufacture or installation of these elements can have a dramatic impact on their performance, so the design, manufacture and installation of these elements should only be undertaken by specialists. Ideally such products and installations should be backed by third party certification to evidence their appropriateness for use.

To help you understand what is required for your project, we’ve put together a handy checklist:

  • What glazing is required? Windows or doors, sizes and configurations
  • Why is fire rated glazing required? Protect means of escape, compartmentation or boundary protection
  • Is the glazing internal or external?
  • What is the direction of fire? From inside, from outside or both
  • What structure is the glazing being installed into? Rigid or flexible construction and what substrate
  • What level of protection is required? 30, 60, 90, and 120 minutes; E or EI
  • Is it a new building or refurbishment project? Who will remove the existing glazing?
  • Are there any specific access considerations? For example deliveries, storage, movement of materials and scaffolding
  • What are the other performance requirements for this glazing? For example thermal performance, acoustic values, barrier loading

When considering a supplier of these products you might be wise to gain answers to these four basic questions:

  1. How specialist are they? Do they only work with fire rated glazing (which leads to more detailed understanding) or is it part of a much wider mix of glazing products. Do they have any involvement with fire testing and certification?
  2. How well do they understand fire protection? Are they reliant on updates from their systems house or are they proactively developing their expertise. Do they involve their team in specialist training and briefings from industry experts?
  3. How good is their record keeping? As we move toward the golden thread, do they suitably audit production to give a lasting record of what is being supplied?
  4. How can they evidence installer competence? Have their installers been third-party assessed and do they audit installations to provide appropriate records.

These products are poorly understood throughout most of the construction industry.

Working exclusively with fire rated glazing systems, OWS Fire Rated offers delivery of simple supply only orders through to large scale and complex installations.

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