We receive lots of questions about the use of fire rated glazing for both new build and refurbishment projects. Below is a selection of questions that we frequently get asked. If you’d like to know more please don’t hesitate to call us on 01342 836630 and speak to a member of the team.


Third Party Certification is, in essence a consumer protection scheme. It enables us as a supplier to provide proof to our customers that our business is competent.
3rd party certification means that an independent expert body has assessed our processes and standards and found that we meet certain standards.

Most of our products are covered by CERTIFIRE which is provided by Warringtonfire Testing and Certification Ltd.

Certifire is an independent third-party certification scheme that assures performance, quality, reliability and traceability of products and systems.

Certifre is provided by Warringtonfire and is a UKAS accredited certification scheme

FIRAS is a voluntary, third party certification scheme for installation contractors of both passive and active fire protection systems, operated by Warringtonfire and accredited by UKAS to BS EN ISO/IEC 17065:2012.

FIRAS is the mark of endorsement of competency in the installation of products and systems, vital for achieving the level of fire protection required.

OWS Fire Rated Ltd will provide certification for all fabricated products.

Certification comprises confirmation that products have been manufactured in accordance with our Certifire approved quality management system and to the correct specification as defined within Certifire scope documents, other test reports and system company manuals and instructions. It further comfirms that all factory operatives involved in the fabrication of fire rated products are trained and competent.

We are 3rd party certified under our own CERTIFIRE and FIRAS Certificates to manufacture a broad range of fire rated products (full details can be found on our Product Comparison Chart). Where we do not hold our own certification we manufacture under license using certification owned by the system company.

We consider that 3rd party certification is very important as it serves to demonstrate that as a business we have the knowledge, skills and processes required to ensure that all of our fire rated products are manufactured and installed correctly.

Fire Rated Doors

Fire rated doors are designed to resist smoke and flames from a fire for a minimum period of time whereas fire exit doors do not have to be fire resistant – their purpose is to allow for a safe and quick exit into a place of safety whilst also providing a level of security.

Yes, we are able to provide both fire rated swing doors and fire rated sliding doors.

All aluminium fire rated doors must be fitted with a latch to ensure that in the event of a fire the door performs as expected. Aluminium fire rated doors are latched when tested.

No – we are able to manufacture internal fire rated doors without a threshold. A threshold is required for all external doors.

A broad range of ironmongery is available including single / multi point locking, panic and escape devices and pull handles.

Yes – we can offer a fail secure or in some circumstances a fail safe electric strike.

Fire Rated Windows

Yes- we are able to offer a ‘Technical Window’ solution, please contact us for further details as this specialist product differs from a standard opening window.

No – it is not possible to provide fire rated frames with any kind of background ventilation (e.g. trickle vents)

Yes – we have a bespoke cill detail where a number of different cill options can be clipped onto the front of a frame during installation.

Performance of Fire Rated Products

Our products are designed to deliver protection with integrity (stopping the spread of fire) and insulation (controlling the transfer of heat) performance. Where integrity only performance is required we will propose a product that provides both features.

Aluminium fire rated products are designed with polyamide thermal breaks to provide a thermal separation line between a buildings external and internal environment. Generally performance values will match modern aluminium windows, doors and curtain walling. Please see our product data sheets or product comparison chart for specific values.

The purchase cost for aluminium fire rated products is generally less than for steel and timber products.

Fire rated aluminium products essentially perform a very similar function to other commercial aluminium fenestration products. Additionally these products will also provide protection in the event of a fire to protect lives and property. This additional function is achieved through the use of additional components, gaskets, tapes and cooling inserts which ensure that the product can withstand the effects of a fire.

Yes, as well as fire protection to the tested level of performance, our products provide smoke control to classes Sa and Sm in accordance with EN 13501-2+A1:2009.

Delivery and Installation

Yes – we have a comprehensive network of trained and qualified installers who work for us as subcontractors or on a directly employed basis.

We recommend that all installation of fire rated products is carried out by a suitably trained and competent installer. We will provide detailed installation instructions for our MB-78EI products and a fixing kit including is provided with all Trade Supply Orders

MB78EI fixing kits include intumescent sealant, fire rated expanding foam, fire rated glazing packers, fitting instruction booklet

Yes – however it is very important that any installation of fire rated products is carried out by a suitably trained and competent installer. On this basis we can provide products supply only for installation by yourselves and we can also provide comprehensive technical support whenever required. We recommend that if there is ever any doubt regarding fixing details or methods that you call us for advice and assistance.

Our standard lead time for supply only projects is typically 6 weeks. We are able to expedite urgent order requirements.

Any installations carried out by OWS Fire Rated Ltd or Oxted Window Systems Ltd are registered with FIRAS. Once the project is completed an official certificate is sent by FIRAS to our customer which demonstrates that the products used are suitable for the protection required and that installation has been carried out in line with manufacturers instructions.

Generally, supply only orders are delivered on a flat bed vehicle for offloading by yourselves. Glass will be packed in a timber crate and frames are usually loaded onto an A frame. We recommend offloading using a forklift if possible as fire rated products can be very heavy.

Glazing Options

Yes – we are able to provide both standard fire rated and butt jointed double glazed units with integral blinds

Yes – in most cases this is possible. We recommend that manifestation is applied on site just prior to completion of the project

General FAQ's and options

Yes, but it is very important that the glass used within any fire rated framing system has been successfully tested under exactly the same conditions as the intended use or has been assessed as suitable by Certifire. In our opinion the best option is to source all components as a package so that you can be confident that the correct level of compliance and performance is achieved.

Yes we have in house design facilities and expertise to assist with any specific project design requirements.

Yes – we are able to couple fire rated and non fire rated products in some circumstances. Please refer to our Technical team for your project specific requirements.

Yes – please contact us to discuss any sample requirements.

Yes – we can manufacture circular frames, curved shapes or raked heads

Yes – we can provide internal glass to glass silicone butt jointed screens and also a silicone jointed curtain walling up to EI 60.